Aladdin Trailer has me feeling… Blue!


Ok, so I just saw the newest trailer that was released for the new Aladdin Movie coming out in May…

^^^^^^What the HELL was that???

Disney please stop. Why are you trying to ruin two things 90’s kids cherish from our childhood? (In one movie.)

Aladdin/our favorite genie AND Fresh Prince! Something needs to be done to stop this movie from being released. They showed 6 seconds of Blue Will Smith and it was about 5 seconds too much.

The first thing I thought of was…

Gif – Tenor

Then “The Genie” talked and all I could think of was… Will Smith is rein-acting his role as “Hitch.”

Gif – Tenor

Is Hitch the Blue Genie going to help Aladdin win Jasmin’s heart by teaching him how to dance and not make a pizza??

I want to remember Will Smith like this…

Gif – Giphy

And this…

Gif – Tenor

Gif – Gifer

And absolutely like…

Gif – Gifer

But never… Never Never Never Everrrr… Like this:

Image – Insider

Please Disney, do the right thing. Do not kill our genie:

Gif – Giphy

And our Will Smith..

Gif – Giphy

In one swoop.

It’s just too much for us to handle.

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – Screen Geek

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