Morning Wood: Random Thoughts to Start Your Day

Mark J. Giannone

Throughout the course of the day I think of or experience a lot of different shit that makes me wonder or just straight pisses me off. I’ve decided to compile these random thoughts and experiences into one forum for me to bitch and complain. I like to think of myself as a pretty straight forward and level headed dude and I hope the rest of you think the same.

Idiot at WAWA:

So there I am this morning at the wawa near my work getting my morning coffee when Carter gets in line behind me. I actually have no friggen idea what this guy’s name was, but he looked like a Carter. Suddenly I was in the middle of a conversation between the woman at the register and Carter and it only two a sentence from each before I got lost in my head bitching about what an idiot Carter was.


Carter: I don’t know.

My initial thought was what the hell kind of response is I don’t know? To me all poor Carter wanted to do was get into a conversation with the woman about some bullshit going on in his life. Here’s the breaking news though, Carter. No body cares! When someone you casually know asks how you are it is nine times out of ten just to be polite and not to actually inquire about what is going on in your life. This response of “I don’t know” has actually crossed my path before, oddly enough in a wawa. This was the wawa near my house and it was said to me by some burn out idiot behind the counter. I could tell he only responded I don’t know to my “how are ya” because he has a need to be different. God forbid the burnout conform to social norms. If you ever hear someone respond “I don’t know” when asked how they are just slap them in the face.

295 Can Go to Hell:

If you live in South Jersey or have ever been misfortunate enough to drive there you have probably come encounter with 295. I’m here to emphatically exclaim that it is the worst stretch of road in the state of New Jersey. If you like traffic, frequent accidents, and a road layout that God himself can’t understand then 295 is for you. If all of those things make you wanna go 90mph into the nearest guard rail then you know what I’m saying. My new job brings me up and down 295 everyday. Yes, during both morning and evening rush hour. To say this commute has altered my usually sunny disposition would be a gross understatement. Driving in Jersey is nightmare to begin, but having to do so on 295 is a fate worse than death. I hate this road. I hate the idiots that don’t know how to merge onto the road. I hate the random traffic light some government dumbass decided was a good idea to put on the on ramp for route 42. I imagine it was easier for Louis and Clark to navigate the west than it is for a person to drive three miles in either direction on 295. Change the name from 295 to “gateway to hell” at least the outsiders will know what they’re getting into.

The PC Movement Hits Baseball:

I believe I’m the least PC person I know. I am not offended by anything people say or do. I believe in pushing the envelope, if you have something on your mind SAY IT. If you think of something that’s funny, share it with the people around you no matter the possible consequences. So when I heard the MLB has decided to change the name of the disabled list to the “injured list” because they thought using “disabled” was offensive I got pretty pissed off. What’s more offensive, the word or the people who over think the meaning of the word? The disabled list has been around since the 60’s and at no point has anyone ever made a big deal about the name of the list. The official definition of the word disabled is as follows: having a physical or mental condition that limits movements, senses, or activities. If a ball player tears his hamstring and it limits his activity then he would be temporarily disabled. I no longer identify with the world I live in. People are changing shit just for the sake of change. Everyone is offended and everyone is afraid of offending. Screw the PC freak idiots.

Sixers Get Me Tingly:

I don’t understand people who didn’t support the process. Yea, you’re supposed to try to win games, but if winning only gets you to the middle of the pack and not able to sniff a championship then it’s time to change the game plan. Sam Hinkie made a ballsy call tearing down the Sixers and not hiding the fact that he was activiely trying to be as bad as humanly possible. As I sit here and watch Tobias Harris nail a fourth quarter three I can’t help but get butterflies. It’s like when you have your first crush and you see them in the cafeteria. Jimmy Butler just hit a “timely deuce” and I nearly exploded in my pants. This team is fun to watch and their are guys on the team that you can’t help but love. Joel Embiid is hands down the most popular athlete in Philly since Brian Dawkins. EVERYONE love Jo. I cannot wait until the playoffs. After this team has a few months to mesh together and they really start firing on all cylinders the NBA is gonna be put in check. The process is over boys and girls, the Sixers are among the NBA’s elite.


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