Wedding Night Kid Toucher / Cop Fighter


First of all, fuck this guy straight to hell.  Second of all, I hope someone fucks this guys face in prison.  Read the article if you’d like.  If not, here’s a quick rundown:

  • November 24th, 2018 – Matthew Aimers’ wedding day
  • He asked teenage waitress to make out and “do whatever you want”
  • She said no, so he forced her into a bathroom stall, pulled out his dick, and forced her to make out with him and said “kiss me like you mean it”
  • Officers later showed up to the reception because he was fighting people, including employees of the country club
  • He then started fighting cops
  • Got tased, and finally got locked up

All of this shit on HIS WEDDING DAY.

I’ve read about some scum bag people, but this guy is up towards the top of that list.  I mean, how did he even find time to fight people and pretty much rape a minor on his wedding night?  I know on my wedding night, I was way too busy and having way too much fun with my wife, family, and friends to slip away and fight/sexually assault people.

I think I have the perfect punishment for this guy.  Let’s line up every kicker in the NFL (except for Cody Parkey) and have them kick him straight in the dick, one by one, until his balls pop out of his mouth.

Here’s to hoping that he gets what he deserves when he’s in prison.  Hopefully someone will take him into the bathroom and make him kiss him like he means it.

I know, I know, innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.  However,


Enjoy your time in a cell, loser.



Featured Photo – Northampton Patch

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