Vocal Coach Bigger Scam Artist Than Billy McFarland?

Jay Rogét

Flat.  So flat.  I can’t even.  You don’t even look good while you’re singing.   The worst thing I’ve ever heard.  This is $40 a week over 17 years for voice lessons, and this is what I get?

These poor, poor parents.  They have so much to be disappointed about.  Not only have they wasted over 35 g’s of their hard earned money on vocal lessons, but they also have fat Alice Cooper living in their basement.  They could have used that 35 grand for so many other things.  But instead, they have spent it on failed voice lessons for 17 years and subjected their beloved daughter (and themselves) to the horrific sounds of him “perfecting his craft.”

I don’t want to kick a guy while he’s down, but he looks exactly how I thought he would look.


These parents got got.  HARD.  This vocal coach has known since their first lesson that this guy was never going to be good, but he continued to collect their money each and every week for 17 years and fed them false hope that one day he would hit it big in the music scene and finally move out of their basement.  Unfortunately for them, all they have to be proud of is their heroic daughter for posting this video of her brother’s performance.

His parents would have been so much better off spending $35,000 on some Rogaine and a gym membership for this dude.



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