Saints Fan Would Rather Die Than Watch Super Bowl 53


The ratings for this years Super Bowl were well…not great. A record low in New Orleans as Saints fans have been whining for a full month, enough for the whole internet to turn on them. I respect it from Saints fans because I know what it’s like to get completely fucked over by the league doing everything they can to prevent you from winning. It sucks and sometimes you have to go to extreme measures for the sake of your team and what’s right. The Patriots are infinitely more hateable because even the league can’t beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, but Saints fans have a reason to boycott the Super Bowl.

This guy took it one step further. In a Gandhi inspired moment, 65 year old New Orleans native Henry Jaume passed away at 1:00pm on Super Bowl Sunday as a protest against the missed call on Nickell Robey Coleman.

For anyone outside of New England, it probably wasn’t a horrible idea. I could see how you might choose death over watching 8 straight punts. Unless you are actually Bill Belichick, in which case that’s a Saturday night in June.

If his family is sending him a message I’m sure it’s that he didn’t miss much. Deep down if it had been a really entertaining Super Bowl with an awesome half time show people might have been like aw bummer Henry would have at least appreciated a good football game. But he really didn’t miss anything. Probably died thinking the Patriots already won.

Feels a little weird putting a screenshot of an obituary as the image for this blog but what are the other options…

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.00.18 PM



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