Rondo Rips Out the Hearts of Boston in Disappointing loss to Lakers


Everything seemed to be going right for the Celtics on Thursday night. The Pats were in attendance as the most recent champs in Boston, the Celts came out firing with impressive team basketball and got up big early on LeBron’s Lakers.

Then the 3rd quarter happened.

Yuck! That’s fucking atrocious anytime, but especially considering the talent on either bench. Yet, it didn’t matter because late in the 4th the Celtics had rebounded and took back the lead. Then all hell broke loose and a LeBron and Kuzma 3 later the Celts sunk what should’ve been the winning bucket.

Not on Rondo’s watch though.

Somehow this was Rondo’s first career buzzer beater, but Boston’s fairly familiar with Rondo’s fantastic 4th quarter play through his career. That didn’t make this pill any easier to swallow.

This was a big game for the Celtics. At home, the Lakers we’re seemingly in disarray after the trade deadline, and the Super Bowl champs were in the building. Everything pointed to an impressive of Celtics win and we didn’t get it.

In the next couple of weeks the Celts have the Sixers, Bucks and Toronto on the schedule. If they put up the same performance as Thursday night then the Celtics will find themselves in a very vulnerable position.

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