Not so “Big Man On Campus”


Sometimes when you see a train wreck you can’t look away. Other times you see a train wreck and you decide you gotta pick through the rubble. So when a guy calling himself “Big Man On Campus” got butt hurt because Branded turned down his employment request I did a little digging.

The Big Man on Campus aka Jeff Nadu is a sports Handicapper here in Philadelphia PA (he’s actually from Lancaster but whatever.) He has a lifetime handicapping percentage of 50%. Let’s see what his peers have to say about that:

So according to his peers he sucks at his job. Now, I need you to do a double look on his all time record. Some shady business is going on here REALLY LOOK AT THIS SCREEN CAP AGAIN:

Somehow the Handicapper WatchDog that Jeff Nadu boasts keeps tracks of his wins and losses is doing the poor people at home a little dirty. Jeff’s real record is 153-160 and unless there’s some sport like Bocce Ball that he went 12-5. I think Our Big Man on Campus is just the big fraud on campus. In fact, can Jeff still be the big man on campus? Well with those math skills I don’t think any campus would accept him.


Though he may go to too cool for school university as seen above, I’m pretty sure Jeff is an utter dickhead douchebag. Handicappers are worse than cockroaches. Handicappers are parasites that feed off the desperation of gamblers. I hate waking up on a Saturday morning hearing those cock knockers commercial on 97.5. “Throw me money on my picks so I can get rich off your desperation.” That being said my man Jeff seems to lose a ton of people a ton of money. Jeff shut down shop.

But I decided to dig deeper on Jeff, maybe he’s a good guy despite the money he loses for people. Maybe he didn’t mean to mislead people with his wrong percentages of his winnings. Nah I was Wrong.


Only hustling your doing pal is on unsuspecting victims of your handicapping. Folks remember, If a Handicapper was any good at their job they’d be betting the money themselves and not sharing their secrets with you. Jeff shut down shop you parasitic bitch. Your handicapping is handicapping peoples wallets and that’s about it. Hustler my ass.


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