Las Vegas band, DACAV comes out with new hit song “Let’s Take a Walk” that addresses Bullying & Suicide. New Music Video & Exclusive Interview Inside.

Today’s blog is one of the most serious articles ever written in Branded Sports, but it’s something I felt needed some attention and recognition. When I discussed writing this article with CEO Joe, he happily jumped on the support train (which I appreciate immensely) and told me to run with this idea as sometimes drawing attention to real life problems can wake people up and bring positive light to a heavy topic.

A friend of mine from about ten years back, Mike Pericoloso is in an amazing band called “DACAV” with fellow members Sydney and Brian. First and foremost, their sound is amazing and unlike most songs you’ll hear on the radio. Mike and Brian can rap just about anything and Sydney’s voice is absolutely beautiful. The 3 is them together make an amazing trio. They have a brand new Album out with so many amazing songs on it, but one of those songs is absolute the star of the album.

This song is called “Let’s Take a Walk” and it is the reason for this blog because it addresses the huge issue of Bullying and Suicide that we face in the world right now.

Image – DACAV Instagram

I’ve listened to this song over a dozen times and every time I hear it I can’t help but think it needs to be played on the loudspeaker across middle and high schools everywhere! The song dropped a few weeks ago and has gotten nothing but positive feedback, but the powerful music video for this song just came out TODAY and will be available at the end of the blog for all of you to watch, listen to and share.

With their busy schedule in Las Vegas, I wasn’t sure if I could get an interview with anyone in the group, but because this is such an important topic to them, Mike made the time to address some questions I had about the song and the interview we had was amazing and inspiring:

Me: What made Dacav come up with the idea for the song “Let’s Take a Walk?”

Mike: We just felt like this issue is untapped. Musically, recording artists avoid this topic and I’m not really sure why. We wanted to give the topic a platform and let kids know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you’re stronger than the bullies. 

Me: What has been your feedback so far on the song?

Mike: Man…the feedback has been amazing! We’ve been told stories from parents about how their kids are going through some sort of bullying. I think this song is allowing parents to open up more to their kids about the topic. The lyrics are hitting home.

Me: Tell me about what went into making the music video?

Mike: We wanted to incorporate a story line that is relatable but simple enough to be easily portrayed in 3 minutes. Sydney actually executed this part of the video on her own in Portland, Maine. She contacted her old school and the school was very open to the idea! She used local kids and it just came together so perfect! Those kids killed it!

Me: Do you guys have any plans going forward on getting the song out there to middle schools and high schools? I think it’s powerful enough to make an impact on teens.   

Mike: Yes! We have reached out to organizations that focus on anti bullying movements. We’re going to be pushing this video and song heavily over the next month. Once the video starts making its rounds we would love to be able to make an impact at school functions. 

Me: Have any of you ever been bullied when you were younger? How did you handle it?

Mike: I personally was never physically bullied, however I know and have been witness to people who have. In high school and middle school I was more of a friend to everyone rather than in a certain clique. So my friends were all different. I’ve stepped in and stuck up for more people because of this. I think this made me more compassionate about people in general. 

Me: What is the key message you want your song “take a walk” to send to anyone being bullied?

Mike: I want kids that are going through this to know that it’s ok to talk to someone, it’s ok to tell on the bully. They are not allowed to hurt you. Also for parents to know that they should talk to their kids and find out if they are victims of bullying. This is a big issue that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Image-DaCav Twitter

Bullying has become a huge problem in not just the United States, but all over the world. The internet can be the best mask a person can wear, kids gang up on other kids in school, and if someone is just a little bit different they become the target of constant bullying. I’m sure if I asked everyone reading this to raise their hand if they have ever (even once) bullied another person that most of you would raise your hand. I’m also sure if I asked everyone reading this to raise their hand if they have ever been bullied that most of you would raise your hand again. It’s something that’s all too common and it’s starting to happen to kids at a much younger age now because of the internet. Kids and Teenagers don’t feel like they have anyone to turn to so instead they turn to depression and sometimes even suicide. They feel alone. They feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. 1 out of every 5 students is bullied at school. More than half of bullying situations (57%) stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the student being bullied. Sometimes all someone needs is another person to step in, listen and acknowledge that their place in this world matters, and that’s exactly what this song is saying.

If you want to join “Dacav,” and now me for that matter in acknowledging this huge issue in our world, then share this blog with their song and let it be heard. Well done, Mike, Brian and Sydney. You definitely have made me a fan for life. Keep writing inspiring music and being awesome!

Here it is, the official music video of the song “Let’s Take a Walk” by DACAV:


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February 8, 2019 11:15 pm

Awesome article! Inspiring song!