Top 10 Fictional Baseball Players of All Time


It’s that time of the year. Football is over and we are stuck in limbo until baseball season starts. Spring Training is almost here, pitchers and catchers report next week!

We also still have huge names on the free agent market like Harper and Machado. But it’s so close we can just about smell the grass and taste the hot dogs and beer.

So in honor of baseball season on its way I wanted to do another “Top 10 Fictional List.” I have done teams, I have ranked coaches. Now, baseball players…

Fictional characters (with exceptions but no Shoeless Joe) and guys that “played” on real teams, the Sandlot team doesn’t count.

So here goes nothing…

Just missing the top 10 are:

Mel Clark (Angles in the Outfield)

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez (The Sandlot)

Nuke Laloosh (Bull Durham)

Ryan Dunne (Summer Catch)

Jimmy Morris (The Rookie) Hardest one to keep out of the Top 10

10. Moonlight Graham (Field of Dreams)

No, Moonlight never got that one at bat in the majors. But he was a heck of a ball player. And, the world was a better place for him being “Doc Graham.” He is an exception to the (only fictional) because not many people know he was a real guy anyway. He’s just so lovable… How can you not root for a guy like that??

Image – andsoitbegins

9. Bobby Rayburn (The Fan)

Possibly a movie not all of you have seen. But Bobby played for the San Francisco Giants and was one hell of a hitter. Until he lost his number… And almost his son. But he always comes up in the clutch, when he needs a home run…


Image – Pintrest

8. Jake Taylor (Major League)

Here is where some people might start getting mad, thinking Taylor needs to be higher on the list. Man I love the drunk old grizzly catcher who tries to make everything right. He was the glue that held that Indians team together. There are just too many other great players for him to be higher.

Image – USA Today

7. Jake Elliot (Mr. Baseball)

I mean the guy’s nickname is Mr. Baseball. He was a all time first baseball for the Yankees, but Father Time does what he does to everyone and a young rookie stole his spot. So he was traded to… JAPAN, where he becomes MR. BASEBALL!!

Image – Through The Fence

6. Willie Mays Hayes (Major League)

He could hit like Mays and run the Hayes but really… He hit like shit. BUT THE BALL ON THE GROUND! He is for sure one of the most fun fictional ball players of All-Time!

Image – Pintrest

5. Pedro Cerrano (Major League)

Back to back Cleveland Indians on the list. I’m not sure who I love more, Cerrano or Jobu! Pedro could break any man in half with his two hands. He could crush fastballs into outer space, but the curveball… Yikes!

Image – Granite Grok

4. Crash Davis (Bull Durham)

I know I am going to get shit for this. I cant put him in my top 3 because he isn’t 100% a fictional character. I love minor league baseball, I worked in minor league baseball so I’m not holding that against Crash. I think he’s a fantastic old school catcher and even a better dude, but there are just 3 others I like more.

Image – Rich Sports Talk

3. Billy Chapel (For Love of the Game)

One of my all time favorite movies. You can even watch this with your lady because it’s not just a sports movie it’s a love movie too. Chapel was one hell of a pitcher and his performance in the Bronx is the only time I have ever rooted against my Yankees! Class Act, basically.

“Clear the Mechanism”

Image – House of Sparrows

2. Roy Hobbs (The Natural)

Ok… Yes, Hobbs could easily be number one. He was a great player, he went through a hell of a lot. The story of him getting back to baseball is like none other. I love Roy Hobbs, so don’t kill me for making him #2. I mean the home run itself could be the best moment in a sports movie ever.

Image – Chicago Now

1. Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Major League)

Is he the best player on this list? No. But is he the most electrifying? YUP. The hair, the attitude, the glasses, the fastball…. 99. The SONG… WILD THING…….. YOU MAKE MY HEART SING! If you don’t like Rick Vaughn you are a psychopath. He is what is missing in Major League Baseball today. Simply the best.

“Juuuuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside”

Image – Total Sports Wire

So that is my list. Love it or hate it.

-KMess “That Guy”

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