Rondo is Making His First Appearance in Boston as a Laker Thursday Night

Say what you will about Rondo’s attitude and how it ended in Boston, but it was impossible not to love the guy as a Boston fan back in 2008 and beyond. He was Johnny Hustle up and down the court in the biggest moments, on the biggest stage. To Boston he will always be the scrappy little brother of the big three that at one point had himself in the discussion as best point guard in the league.

I’m not saying he should be back in Boston or anything (I’m also not saying I’m opposed), but seeing him in purple and gold tonight at the TD Garden will definitely be a punch to the gut. If you’re a Celtics fan who’s still salty about the way it ended with him in Boston then grow up. The man will forever be a big part of the teams history, and to this day, he still rides with Boston.

I’ll go as far to say if Rozier does walk and Kyrie stays long term, I’d love to see Rondo backing up Kyrie. He still has his petty ways, but Rondo as a leader has certainly grown up a hell of a lot since last wearing green. Even a few years ago when Boston played Rondo’s Bulls in the playoffs if Rondo never got hurt Boston probably would’ve lost the series.

Rondo is a Celtic for life and it will be both nice and heart-breaking to see him in Boston tonight.

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