Draft Junkies Must Follow… The Draft Show

Are you a Major football fan? Are you already in depression mode because the season is over? Yeah, me too. But… I have a cure for those football offseason blues:

The Draft Show.

I have been listening to The Draft Show now for three years and it is by far the most informative show out there. You will learn things about players you never thought you could.

The Draft Show is presented by Miller Lite (@MillerLite) on Dallascowboys.com and live each week on Twitter @TheDraftShow.

Now I know what you are thinking… “I’m not a Cowboys fan.” That is fine, this is not a Cowboys Draft Show. These guys take you around the ENTIRE league and breakdown the needs of all 32 teams.

The show is hosted by long time scout Bryan Broaddus. (@BryanBroaddus) One of THE most in-depth Draft analysts in the country Dane Brugler. (dpbrugler) And one of the sharpest guy’s in any room… David Helman. (@HelmanDC)

These guy’s have won Emmy’s for their work it’s so good. They put so much time and effort into this show that there won’t be a player they won’t cover. Dane Brugler can break down a guard from Hobart just as well as he can a running back from Bama, it’s incredible.

They are here to “Investigate and Educate” and that is just what they do. There was not a player that was drafted last year that I didn’t at-least know the name because of The Draft Show.

Want to know more about a specific player? Send them an email for their segment “Tell Me More.” Or send in your Twitter questions for their “Twitter on the 20’s” portion of the show.

Best thing is they take you up to and through the Draft. They will be live all 3 days of the Draft and breakdown each and every pick from #1 to Mr. Irrelevant.

Trust me on this one… Go Follow all these guys on Twitter immediately. Watch The Draft each Thursday at noon (EST) or on demand anytime at DallasCowboys.com.

Everyone is invited to this party, again this is NOT a Cowboys show it is a FOOTBALL Show.

Get ready to be the most educated fan in the room.

The Draft Show


Feature Image – DallasCowboys.com

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