The Patriots Are Now The Rightful Owners Of Meek Mill

When a celebrity (especially a rapper) reps your city, it’s pretty cool. You get to jam out in your car and sing along to cool lyrics about your city and post pics of them wearing your teams gear on your Instagram story and stuff. There haven’t been many/any rappers from Boston so it was exciting to find out the Patriots made the trade for Meek Mill to rep our team.

The Patriots made the trade for known Philly rapper Meek Mill in exchange for Mark Whalberg and the 2nd Lombardi trophy (I only counted 5 at the parade so assuming that’s where the 6th is).

In the heart of Philadelphia, I imagine millions of parties start and end by blasting Dreams and Nightmares with full bass. The Philadelphia Eagles used Meek as inspiration to win their first Super Bowl ever last year.

I’m not even sure Meek has actually ever been an Eagles fan. I know he likes the Sixers, he’s best friends with Michael Rubin and he literally went directly to a game after being released from jail, but do we have a lot of genuine proof of Meek being an Eagles fan?? The album is called ChampionshipS with an “S” and the Eagles only have one.

I mean sure he performed at the Eagles ring ceremony last year. It was electric.

But maybe he just likes performing after the Super Bowl? This is this years Patriots post-Super Bowl celebration.

We are excited to have Meek on our side, since he has been in jail and is now trying to fight the justice system. Seems like a pretty good guy to have on your side. And no one knows that more than Robert Kraft. Everyone is distracted by the evil genius of Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft is out here stealing Philadelphia mascots. The King of Petty.

The Kraft/Meek bromance surprised many when it first started, but there’s no denying the chemistry between these two.

Why was Robert Kraft cutting a rug with Cardi B on stage at the Super Bowl? His best friend Meek.

“Meek Mill is the one who really kept saying, ‘You gotta go out there. You gotta go out there. They don’t think you can dance,’” he said. “Once someone puts you on the defensive, they don’t expect me to be able to — not that I had much rhythm — follow the beat. I don’t think most of my colleagues expect to see me Super Bowl weekend hanging with Cardi B and trying to show her a few moves.” –RKK

Kraft debuted his new chain on stage after the Super Bowl and well, does Jeff Lurie drip this hard??

Is there anyone else that could pull of legitimately wearing this chain as a 77 year old Jewish billionaire? Probably only Portnoy. RKK came thru the Patriots parade drippin with his new ice that I now think Meek Mill actually gave him.

This may seem like an odd couple, their story is actually really beautiful.


Listening to Robert Kraft sit on Kevin Hart’s panel discussion to talk about the inconsistencies in the justice system and advocate for the rights of others, knowing the wealth and power he has, is the cherry on top of life as a Patriots fan. He’s a billionaire businessman who owns an NFL team and should be way retired by now. And he’s still using his time to advocate for prison reform. Standing next to Jay Z. While wearing custom Nike Air Force 1’s.


So what Kraft says goes, and Meek Mill is one of us now.




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