The MLB is Finally Considering a DH in the NL Amongst Other Proposed Rule Changes


Baseball purists beware, these proposed rule changes are going to really piss you off. The MLB and MLBPA are discussing several rule changes that again addresses pace of play, but would change baseball in some very noticeable ways.

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Let’s start with what I think is the biggest deal of the proposed rule changes, the DH. A war has spanned over a decade now between purists and the make baseball fun again crowd and the main battle fought over that time is the DH. Purists think it adds an element of strategy to the game. They’re right, it does. It forces NL teams to strategize around the fact that there is an automatic out at the end of every lineup. It’s so fucking dumb. What other leagues literally change the rules between conferences? They’re playing two different sports in one league, it’s asinine. I’m praying to the baseball gods to come through on this one and pass a universal DH.

I’m going to quick hit the rest of the rule changes starting with three-batter minimums for pitchers.

This one I will side with the purists on. I get that they want to speed up the games and realistically this would do that, but one of the more fun parts of baseball today is the way managers utilize the bullpens. Closers in the 9th inning aren’t on every team anymore. The best relievers are playing in the most crucial points in games whether it be the sixth inning or eighth inning. It doesn’t matter and I like that wrinkle to baseball.

A single trade deadline is interesting. The ESPN article talks about the benefits it would have to free agency by putting more pressure on teams to sign guys earlier by further emphasizing the first half of the season prior to the deadline. Sign me up for that.

I’m out on 20 second pitch clocks for the sole reason that David Price would suck under that rule. I can’t have that.

Expanding the roster to 26, sure why not? To be honest though, it doesn’t seem necessary, especially if the universal DH rule passes. An extra player would mainly benefit NL teams and double switching. No pitchers hitting would solve that problem.

Completely throw out the draft advantages and lower mound. Those are unnecessary changes and a draft advantage to good teams would only further put small-money markets in the gutter.

Finally, of course make it easier for two sport athletes. Having notable players in other sports play baseball can only further expose stars from the game. That means more eyes for the MLB.

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