Does Anyone Know Former WWE Star Shotzi Blackhearts? Well She Sells Pictures Of Her Poop Now

“It’s fair to say some people will do just about anything to make a little extra cash.

But one woman has taken things to a whole new level with her unusual money-making scheme.

Former WWE rookie and alternative model Shotzi Blackheart, real name Ashley Urbanski, has been offering her devoted fans on social media the chance to purchase photos of her poo – and it seems they are more than happy to oblige her.” –Mirror UK


Well when I got up this morning I had some writers block, I drank my morning coffee and took a big dump.  I brought my phone in the bathroom as I often do, and searched for something to write about on my phone.  Tobias Harris to the Sixers?  No everyone is talking about that.  Boban being a freak of nature?  No that’s mean and you shouldn’t say that.  Former WWE star sells poop pictures? Yes, that is right up my alley.  Now full disclosure I don’t have any clue who this is, never seen her before and I don’t know her but I do know any broad rocking different color green hair is going to be a wild broad.  This broad might just break the mold though.  What do you really say about her?  She sells pictures of her poop for money, the end.  What else to add to that?  She is making money off of her poop, she found a niche market and she’s capitalizing that’s America baby.  I do have questions though.  Just a few if Shotzi will oblige.

Can people request certain kinds of poop?  I know premium snap girls will get requests like, “Can you sit on your hands and knees with a dog filter looking back into the mirror with your mouth open at 90 degrees”  Can someone ask Shotzi for a perhapes extra hard poop?  Maybe an extra brown poop?  Even a perhaps softer poop?  Is pee in the bowl extra?

Another question I have for Shotzi, how did she get intot he poop selling game?  Is this something she has always had on her mind?  Is she turned on by poop?  Does she do poop play with her lovers?

Was she inspired by this?

Does she also take a huge dump on mens chests after they stick it in her behind?

The reason I have so many questions is because someone who is selling poop pics for only $5 is doing it because they clearly are turned on by poop.  No other reason to make such a small amount of money off of it.  She is getting off on it just as much as the poop buyers are.  This is America though and everything is for sale, even poop and boy do I love this country!



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