Can The Lakers Trade LeBron James For Anthony Davis Instead?

If you guys all think LeBron is the best player in the NBA, you can have him. I don’t want him on my team anymore. I don’t care that he’s good at basketball or that he likes to drink wine. He’s not a Los Angeles Laker no matter how hard he is trying.

The Lakers have an exciting young core of players, who should be learning and improving from veterans and All Stars like LeBron, Rondo and Tyson Chandler. They really shouldn’t be good this year, but they should be showing some promise, some form of hope that Lakers fans haven’t been sucking for almost a decade for no reason at all. They traded top picks Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell and for what? So now they got LeBron and he is ruining one of the only remaining great franchises in professional sports. LeBron is a Cleveland Cavalier. You can’t just put that Lakers jersey on and then have trouble managing a load.

The Lakers have been in a battle with the Pelicans for a trade for Anthony Davis and it leaked to the media who was on the table for an official trade. I’m not sure how people can get fined for tampering but straight up releasing all of the details of one of the biggest trades in recent history seems like it shouldn’t be allowed. When the Lakers completed a trade for Chris Paul that was reversed by David Stern back in 2011 which included Lamar Odom it very much ruined Odom’s life. He had to go back to the franchise he loved and gave his life to, and act like they didn’t just trade his ass for a point guard with a fragile hammy. That one you can’t blame on the team. But letting details of which players are being offered up on a trade that doesn’t even get completed? That’s the stuff that can end a young players career. I’m not talking about the superstar once in a lifetime players, but all of the ancillary players that you need to win NBA championships.

Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram have all been told for quite some time that they are heavily involved in the future of the Los Angeles Lakers. But now they think they are one phone call away from moving from LA to New Orleans.

I know Anthony Davis is good, but is it worth losing the entire roster? These trades that Magic allegedly offered to the Pelicans are INSANE. At one point they included both Lonzo and Rondo. Was LeBron trying to tell everyone he could play point guard?

This is the messiest situation the Lakers have had since Colorado and it’s all LeBron’s fault. I can’t blame the young guys for not wanting to sit next to LeBron. He’s sitting out with a stupid injury for the first time in his career drinking court side and again, having trouble managing his load while working with Magic to see what players he’s willing to give up. It’s toxic. There are rumors about LeBron wanting to fire Luke Walton and fights in the locker room. This isn’t what it means to be a Lakers fan and I blame LeBron.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.49.32 AM.png

It’s gotten so bad that the Indiana Pacers are taunting the Lakers. They were RELENTLESS to Brandon Ingram and my favorite Laker Javale McGee on the way to a 42 point win.

The Lakers lost by 50 points on the road against the Pacers, and LeBron leaves the game to go on Instagram and congratulate current LeBron for an individual accomplishment. What a leader.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.51.55 AM.png

I don’t think LeBron really even cares about winning championships anymore. As long as he can play look cool playing basketball while being able to blame everyone else, he’s good. So if the Lakers had any sense of legacy and pride still left, they’d trade LeBron for AD and move on from this national nightmare.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.55.36 AM.png

I’d rather have this dude on my team over LeBron any day:

You can support the cause by buying a t-shirt here, even though I don’t get a cut for making it.

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