A Fraud’s Fraud

I’m scrolling through my branded feed in my email box like I normally do when I see the most outrageous claim I’ve ever seen:

Excuse me? Bitch say what? First of all I don’t give clicks to trash so I didn’t even bother reading that hot garbage but wouldn’t it be just like a Racist Boston fan to think they can own an African American. It’s 2019 you bleeding heart liberal fucks. You can’t own people. Then to top this shitshow off a few weeks back I just chuckled as she trashed Philly with some jack ass post. We all know who the real ass hats in sports are…

Let me tell you how Climbing Poles and enjoying brotherly love in the streets during a parade makes a town classless…

To make it all come together for me though was that the very next branded article was from Ali and is about trading Lebron from her team. Wait, so you’re telling me you’re a bandwagon Laker’s fan too? You couldn’t stand by your Racist ass town’s Celtics? That just ties it all together for me. Call it a wrap. Of course a bandwagon fan would think they could own the rights to Meek Mill. Shit don’t work that way. Remember always, Boston was only good for some crap tea party, Philly is where they chose to have the Birthplace of Liberty. Go back to crying about Trump, Being Racist, Fighting each other after victories and speaking like a whiner with crap in your mouth. Also, please let always remember to keep the beautiful name of Philadelphia out your mouth.

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