Bobby Massie Clearly Wants Robbie Gould To Come Back To The Bears


After it was announced last week that Bears right tackle Bobby Massie signed a 4-year contract extension, I was happy, but also worried.

I knew the offensive line market was going to be dogshit this year, which meant a solid, bad motherfucker like Bobby Massie was going to come at a decent price. I kept thinking how there was still Adrian Amos…Bryce Callahan…and the big one…A NEW FUCKING KICKER.

Sure, the Bears signed the doinker who could actually make his doink, University of Tulsa’s Redford Jones. But, I wasn’t and still am not buying him as the long-term leg of the Bears.

Well, thank the lord for smart people like Biggsy Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune who broke down Massie’s contract in a recent article. And halle-fuckin-lujah – Bobby Massie clearly wants Robbie Gould to come back to the Bears.

“Why?” you ask – because as Biggsy broke it down – Massie’s cap hit for next season will only be $3.8 million – I wish I could say I “only get paid $3.8 million” – but in football dollars, that’s ain’t shit.

By having this low cap hit, it’s clear to me that Bobby Massie wants to save room for next year to help bring back the GOAT of all kickers – Robbie Gould.

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Photo: (Jeff Haynes/AP Images for Panini)

Sure…the Bears now will theoretically have $11.5 million in cap space if they cut Dion Sims (please) AND they could get more if they cut more people AND they still need to maybe resign Adrian Amos AND maybe resign Bryce Callahan…Ryan Pace has a lot of shit to get done.

But, if he can get Massie to shed some cash to benefit the team, what else can this guy do? I believe in Pace and his mad flow.

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Photo: (Fansided)

I just want to hear those beautiful lyrics from Coming Home by P. Diddy aka Diddy Dirty Money aka Puff Daddy aka Diddy aka Puff aka Puffy aka Brother Love when Robbie signs that dotted line and comes home to Chicago.

“I’m coming home. I’m coming home. Tell the world I’m coming home…”

Way to be a team player, Bobby. It’s time to bring Robbie Gould home.


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Featured Image: Edited from Bears Wire/Sports Mockery

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