Where Will Foles Land?

The Eagles first order of business this off-season is resolving the Nick Foles situation. As you saw over the weekend, the rumors are already flying when it come to Foles.

I don’t think anyone ever thought that the Eagles wouldn’t pick up the option. The most likely scenario is that Foles will buy his way into free agency leaving the Eagles with a decision to make.

If they feel that there is a market and more importantly a taker for Foles, then they will apply the franchise tag. If there is no market, then they would be forced to let him walk.

Last off-season the Dolphins placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Jarvis Landry and found a taker.

And the Bills were able to get the 65th overall pick in last years draft for Tyrod Taylor.

With any potential Foles trade there will be hurdles, but it’s hard to imagine that there wouldn’t be a market for a Super Bowl MVP quarterback, especially after watching Super Bowl 53.

Here’s five potential suitors for Foles…..

1. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Why it would work:

I could write a 12 page essay for why this trade should happen, but i’ll just give you the bullet points….

  • The need is there.
  • Doug Marrone is on the hot seat.
  • John Defilippo is the offensive coordinator.
  • They have already picked two QB’s early in the first round this decade. Both have failed.
  • They’re a contender.

We have already seen the Foles/Jaguars rumors, and they will continue to be the favorite to land Foles until there is a resolution.

Why it wouldn’t work:

The only obstacle I see is the other QB’s that could potentially hit the market. It’s possible that the Jags could prefer a guy like Joe Flacco or Ryan Tannehill. Both of those players may be cheaper options as well.

2. Washington Redskins 

Why it would work:

It works because the need is clearly there. Jay Gruden is entering his sixth season as head coach and doesn’t have any more time to waste. The Redskins weren’t shy about trading for an established guy last off-season and could do the same this off-season.

Why it wouldn’t work: 

Washington could also be a landing spot for Joe Flacco or Ryan Tannehill. It’s also possible that they draft a QB at 15 instead of looking for another veteran.

Form an Eagles standpoint, they might be hesitant to trade Foles within the division.

3. Cincinnati Bengals 

Why it would work: 

It would only work if new head coach Zac Taylor wants to bring in his own quarterback. Andy Dalton doesn’t have any guaranteed money left on his deal, so the Bengals can easily trade or cut him if Taylor wants to make a move. The Foles connection comes in if current Eagles QB coach Press Taylor joins his brother in Cincinnati. That would make him a real option as an Andy Dalton replacement.

Why it wouldn’t work: 

They don’t have a true need. Dalton is at a very manageable 16.2 million for this season, and the Bengals brass might want to see how he looks in a new system before making a decision.

4. Denver Broncos

Why it would work:

It works because Elway can’t seem to figure out his QB situation. Foles would finally give them an established guy for the present and future. Even if they decided to draft a guy, Foles could at least give them stability for 2019.

Why it wouldn’t work:

It seems like the Broncos want to draft a quarterback with their 10th pick. It would make the most sense to keep Case Keenum for another year instead of  trading draft picks for Foles.

5. Miami Dolphins 

Why it would work:

It works because they have a clear need at quarterback. Trading for Foles would at least give new head coach Brian Flores an established guy as he builds a new culture.

Why it wouldn’t work:

They seem content with being a bad football team in 2019. They will most likely look to the draft and sign a veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick or Tyrod Taylor to be a bridge guy.

Wildcard: Arizona Cardinals 

Why it would work:

It would work if they are down on Josh Rosen. They went out on a big limb to hire Kliff Kingsbury. They can’t afford to have him fail. Getting him an established QB to go along with the veterans they already have in place would be a recipe for instant success.

Why it wouldn’t work: 

They just drafted Josh Rosen last year. It’s hard to believe that they would bring in a high priced veteran before they see how Rosen looks under Kingsbury’s guidance. If they wanted a veteran they could also look in the Fitzpatrick direction.


New York Giants– I can’t see the Eagles trading Foles to the Giants.

Oakland Raiders– Gruden and Mayock might be interested, but would Foles want to go to Oakland? The Raiders also don’t have a true need.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers– If the Bruce Arians/Jameis Winston love affair is BS, then Foles would be in play.


It’s hard to envision Howie Roseman not getting some sort of compensation for Nick Foles. I do believe there will be a market and something will get done.

Jacksonville is the most likely destination. It just makes too much sense. They would be crazy not to trade for Foles.

It then comes down to what will they be willing to give up?

My proposed trade: The Jags 38th overall pick and wide receiver Dede Westbrook for Foles.

I don’t see the Jags parting ways with Jalen Ramsey or Leonard Fournette. But this type of trade would make a lot of sense for both teams.

This trade would give the Eagles another high draft pick and fill a big need by acquiring a young, cheap, speed receiver.

For Jacksonville they are only giving up a second round pick and a replaceable wide receiver for the guarantee of having a potential franchise quarterback.

Regardless of where Foles ends up, I do believe the Eagles will get something in return.


What’s your proposed Foles trade? Where will he end up? Tweet us!!

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Jimmy Sal
Jimmy Sal
February 4, 2019 8:21 pm

Love your trade proposal but i think a 3rd and Westbrook is all we could ask for at this point. I could be wrong but definitely worth asking for.

February 5, 2019 12:10 pm

A third and Westbrook would get it done for me. But in the event that two or more teams are involved, the Jags may be willing to throw that 38th pick in just to guarantee themselves getting the guy they want.