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Mugshot Monday: Dave Portnoy

Welcome to a special… Monday after the Super Bowl Mugshot Monday. Today there was only one choice for Mugshot Monday…

The one and only Dave Portnoy.

We all know that Pres has one of the most iconic mugshots of All-Time…

But last night, Dave was violently attacked by the NFL Gestapo led by the one and only Roger “The Clown” Goodell.

Dave was pull out of the Super Bowl, mustache and all, in the middle of the Patriots Super Bowl. This could be the biggest clown shoe act, Clown Boy Goodell has ever been in charge of. (And that includes Deflate Gate.)

But if that’s not the face of a man laughing in the face of the “law” I don’t know what is.

Pres went from, man handled…

To Mugshotted…

To sticking his winnings and 6th trophy up Goodell’s ass within 2 hours..

You can’t win Clown. You will never win.


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