First Equity Standings


That’s right, power rankings are now for some skin in the game. Last month I dropped the news that I am giving away equity in Branded Sports to one of the bloggers. The rules are going to be fairly simple, point based. That’s the only fair way to do things and I’m all about fair.

The bloggers are all crushing the blog game and we have a few podcasts gearing up to be dropped here soon which will add to the point totals for the bloggers. This month we’re simply looking at blog points. Also I’m taking myself out of this because I own this place and I’m big daddy clicks. Wouldn’t be fair.

  1. Ali             10
  2. Ru               9
  3. KMess        8
  4. Murt           7
  5. Kurbs         6
  6. Dubs           5
  7. Chuckles    4
  8. Glock          3
  9. Jay               2
  10. Boats           1
  11. Everyone else 0.5

There you have it so far. Next month I’m going to start adding podcast points in as well.

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