After a Long Wait, the Patriots Ended Boston’s Championship Drought With Their Sixth Super Bowl Victory


It’s been a long time coming. The people of Boston had been getting antsy after a long and grueling 100 days without a championship and it was hard to not lose hope. You wake up in an immediate sweat thinking “What if Boston never wins again?”. But no more will me and the people of Boston be starved for a championship.

I don’t know how we survived the torturous 100 days without a championship, but now that we’re on the other side, god it feels so good to win. No need to shower me with sympathy though. It’s appreciated, but not necessary. We, up here, are humble as they come and know this doesn’t happen every day. Winning is alway special and with the rarity of Haley’s Comet a trophy comes to Boston and it needs to be embraced.

To all the Max Kellerman’s and Rob Parkers of the world, thank you. Without your endless doubt and self-descrutdon of your personal credibility the Pats would’ve never had a chance.

I’ll end with a little honesty. This Super Bowl sucked. The only fun part was winning at the end. But everyone out there complaining that it sucked, eat a dick. In the last 18 years the Patriots have given the world some of the most exciting, gripping, heart-stopping Super Bowl games and moments. Whether you’re a Pats fan or not you know it to be true. Tom can’t always be everyone’s show pony. Sometimes the defense needs to win you one and they did exactly that Sunday.

Thank God for making me a Boston fan.

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Feature Image via NY Post

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