The Player That Deserves To Win Super Bowl 53 The Most Is…

I know how these links work so you’ll see some of this as preview text before clicking on the blog. And I don’t know if you’ve heard but CEO Joe is giving away equity in this godforesaken company so I need the clicks.

This isn’t clickbait though. I’m genuinely going to give you the person who I think most deserves to have a Super Bowl ring. I will be honest I did not research every possible option.  I’m sure there are guys with life stories so inspirational that could be considered for this prestigious blog but when I think of the player who deserves to get his first Super Bowl win is Patriots backup QB Brian Hoyer.

I did do a quick rundown of Rams players to see if I could think of anyone more deserving right away. It feels like 80% of the Rams roster and coaches are under 35 and not that desperate for a Super Bowl win. Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Sean McVay, Aaron Donald…they’ll have a few more chances at getting a ring. The remaining 20% don’t come close to deserving one. Marcus Peters is kind of a dick, Ndomukong Suh is definitely a dick, Aqib Talib and CJ Anderson already have one.

38 players from the Patriots 53 man roster have played in a Super Bowl. 4 players from the Rams have (one for the Patriots). So I know it’s surprising I’m saying a Patriots player is the most deserving of a Super Bowl win, but hear me out.

Brian Hoyer is from Cleveland. He was born in 1985 in Cleveland, so winning isn’t exactly in his blood. He is almost the exact opposite as Tom Brady in that sense. California vs. Cleveland, Michigan vs. Michigan State, 5x Super Bowl Champion vs. Onlooker at Super Bowl XLVI. But Brian Hoyer has more in common with Tom Brady than you think, he just can’t seem to shake the Cleveland out of him. It’s time they have something else in common; winning.

Even more of an underdog than Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer went undrafted in 2009 before being signed by the New England Patriots. He came into the dynasty at a time where no one considered doubting Tom Brady and Bill Belichick yet. Only the Boston media. They’d just been churning out winning seasons for years, finding unnamed players to carry along to the AFC Championship, thinking they would get by by simply being the better team. The 2009-2013 Patriots were some of the softest Patriots teams in history. While I’d prefer this blog to be about Wes Welker getting his well deserved Super Bowl ring, it seems like I’ll have to settle for Brian Hoyer.

After being released the season after Super Bowl 46, Hoyer was used by the Steelers for 2 weeks, probably just to get information on the Patriots.

2013 was his breakout season, with his hometown team. Heroically saving the season after stepping in for Browns legend Brandon Weeden, Hoyer started 3 games in a row and his coach said “if Hoyer continued to exceed expectations, he would maintain his starting position.” On the day of his 3rd straight start, Hoyer tore his ACL. Cleveland wins again.

He came back firing in 2014 and regained his position as starting QB despite the Browns drafting Johnny Manziel. And before the 28-3 jokes that you know and love today, Brian Hoyer had his own 28-3 game. In week 5 the Browns played the Titans in a game I know millions of people watched willingly, Brian Hoyer led the Browns back from 28-3 with 26 unanswered points for the the largest comeback victory in franchise history, and the largest for a road team in NFL history. He led the team to a 6–3 start, the Brown’s best nine game start since the team started 7–2 in 1994. He was even featured as the 16th ever #SixPackSunday by yours truly. And when he was struggling for a few games, he still didn’t get any respect. The Browns, known for their decision making and ability to evaluate talent, replaced him with Johnny Manziel and the rest is history. Cleveland did him dirty again.

In his next season, with the Texans, Hoyer collab’d with other Patriots backup Ryan Mallett to lead them to their first playoff berth and AFC South title since 2012. He was released at the end of the season.

As a Bears QB Hoyer threw for a career-high 397 yards, the most by a Bears quarterback since 1999 and the fifth-most in Bears history. Hoyer was one of only two Bears quarterbacks to throw for at least 300 yards in three straight games and later became the first to do so in four consecutive games after throwing for 302 yards in a loss to the Jags. He promptly broke his arm. Cleveland again.

The next part of the journey is what makes this story go full circle. Hoyer signed with the San Francisco 49ers. The Bay Area needed a hot young QB to put all of the weight of the franchise on his shoulders. It wasn’t Brian Hoyer, he was 32 coming off a broken arm and a torn ACL. That hot young QB was on the Patriots, who in trading him away would be in need for a useless backup QB to ride the bench and hang out with Tom Brady. The 49ers knew just the guy.

The Jimmy G trade paved the way for more than just Trent Brown. It gave Brian Hoyer a new lease on life. Another opportunity to be publicly humiliated by Tom Brady for a living.

Garrett is Hoyer’s son…

But also getting paid to be best friends with Tom Brady. I bet Tom Brady tells Brian Hoyer he loves him.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 12.20.51 AM.png

If Brian Hoyer wants to get rid of the layer of Cleveland stink he has all over him, he has to win this Super Bowl as Tom Brady’s backup. He’s gotta be really doing his job…yelling in Brady’s face that he sucks and keeping the bench warm if he wants to earn this one.  The city could use a story like this. Hometown boy turned Super Bowl Champion, there aren’t many of them on the planet from Cleveland. Hoyer would have to be considered for the Cleveland Mount Rushmore if he can pull this off.

PS – This is the song of a generation:





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