Majestic Website Is Hinting Where The Two Biggest Names Are Going To Sign

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There is something very interesting going on with the Majestic website that is hinting to where the two biggest free agents are going to sign. But first here is a little background information to catch you up to speed.

As most baseball fans may or may not know Majestic is the official supplier of jerseys to Major League Baseball. Fans can go directly to their site and buy jerseys or can buy jerseys at the stadiums or team sites. The way teams do this is by purchasing what Majestic calls their “Official Cool Base.” Here is an example of the Yankees.

majestic NY.PNG

It is blank and the team has them stitched to be made into player jerseys later. This is VERY important to know because prior to a team announcing a big free agent signing they order a ton of these blank jerseys. They stitch them with the free agents name in preparation for fans to buy them right away. So why is this news? If you poke around the Majestic website you will see that two teams are nearly completely sold out of the Cool Bases. The two teams that are hinted as front runners for Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

majestic phillies.PNG

majestic ws.PNG


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. We already saw the Yankees are fully stocked how about the Red Sox? Nope, also fully stocked.majestic boston.PNG

What about the Giants or the Dodgers? Both teams were also rumored as in the mix to snag one of the big two names.

majestic SF.PNG

majestic LA.PNG

The list goes on and on. White Sox and Phillies are the two teams that have been the front runners for a long time. Let this help calm some of you Philly faithful that are a little nervous. This will end with one of the two in a Phillies uniform next season. The deal is done.

Have a feeling that there will be a special Super Bowl commercial this year

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