Football Friday: Tom “The Giver” Brady


It’s another Football Friday before Super Bowl Sunday… That Tom Brady is playing in. The NINTH time.

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There are so many Brady haters out there. Ugh anyone but the Patriots. Ugh.. I hate Brady. Brady sucks!

It’s really sad to hear, I honestly hate to see it. Jealousy is real and it’s tough to take. Am I a Pats fan? Heck no. But I enjoy seeing greatness, and I know that when it’s over, we will never see this again.

Brady is not only the best quarterback to ever play football, he is also one of the biggest charity donators the world has ever seen.

A true humanitarian.

TB12 could easily be the first player in history to be making a billion dollars a year but he says no, give it to my teammates.

What a guy.

Brady could also EASILY have 8 Super Bowl rings but again, he’s not only a competitor but a giver as well.

He is basically Robin Hood and gives to the poor.

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Last year he was playing quite possibly the game of his life in the Super Bowl. Carving up the Eagles for over 500 yards and 5 touchdowns. He was making it look easy, it was actually getting a little embarrassing for Birds defense.

Then on the final drive, he had the ball and without a doubt in our minds he was going to win the game. But then Brady’s giving heart started to beat… He saw little Kevin Hart, He saw goofy looking Nick Foles and he heard the cries of Eagles fans from Philly. (Legend is Brady has supersonic hearing.)

And he thought… “I have 5 and these idiots have none. I’ll be back next year, I can probably even write this off as a charitable donation.” And he took the sack, and placed the ball on the ground.

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Philly you shouldn’t hate Brady, you should celebrate him. There should be a statute next to Rocky’s, not of Nick Foles but of Tommy the Charity man. He gave to you something that no one can ever take away.

He let you barrow his Lombardi Trophy.

Enjoy it for the last couple days because I believe Tom won’t be in such a giving mood this Sunday and he will want his Trophy back.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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