Beyoncé & Jay-Z Hate Their Fans

Jay Rogét

Lady B and Jay-Z are running a contest to win free concert tickets for life!  All you have to do is become a vegan!!

Beyoncé has really been pushing this vegan lifestyle lately.  It seems like her and Jay-Z are all in on this whole “plant-based” lifestyle thing.  It started out kinda cute, but now it’s just annoying.

Everyone has that one person at their gym that is constantly trying to talk you into going vegan.  They are like the fitness version of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  You see them coming from a mile away and you’ll do anything to avoid them.  Sometimes they corner you and ask if you’ve accepted plants as your lord and if you’re ready to banish the meat devil from your life.  I can’t fucking stand them.

If Beyonce and Jay actually cared about their fans, they would encourage them to have a well-rounded diet that consists of all the food groups.  I’m sure the last thing they want at their concerts is a crowd full of frail white people with leaves on their shirts and hemp in their hair.  They will all be so lethargic and weak that they won’t even be able to dance or enjoy the music.  They will just be skinny lumps of skin and bones sitting in their seats while Jay & Bey try to keep the show going.

Is this really what they want?  They want to blindly lead their fans into an unhealthy lifestyle by bribing them with free tickets?  Seems kinda fucked up if you ask me.

The human race has survived for thousands of years by eating a diet that consists of all the food groups, including meat.  Why do all these losers think that getting rid of anything animal-based is all of a sudden a good idea?  If you try to cite that movie ‘What The Health’, you can go fuck yourself.


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