All Delco January 2019

If you’re from Delco the highest civilian honor you can receive is for the Delco Times to name you All Delco in a sport. I’m here to bestow such honor on 3 Lucky Facebookers Each Month for the lovely things they say:

First Team Facebook All Delco:

This was in response to a fake Gritty’s Facebook Post. Kelly Ann you have been named Facebook First Team All Delco no explanations needed.

Second Team Facebook All Delco:

You don’t see many dental offices in the slower lower parts of Delco. This headline surely is one of a kind. Trashy and well Trashy. She doubles down on this spouting out how “Trash Delco is”. Hate to break it to you sister, that’s the most Delco thing you can say. Second Team All Delco Facebook Honors go to you Amie.

Third Team Facebook All Delco:

No way this post belongs in the main line parent community. It’s totally a Delco question hiding in another Facebook group all the way. Delco folk are tricky that way but they can’t help being Delco. Only thing more Delco than having an Elvis Impersonator do your vow renewal is if you got married in the basement of Picas. Diana, you are January’s Facebook Third Team All Delco Honoree.

Tune in for next months recipients of this great honor. February is a short month. I’m sure we’ll still get some great posts. Remember if you see something so Delco on Facebook to email it to me at

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