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Tinder Bumble Chronicles 1 day earlier. That’s right we deliver even on Super Bowl week. Enjoy and safe swiping out here



18 year old are the most aggressive people on planet Earth




Not liking pizza hot pockets is an immediate deal breaker. Good for this guy standing up for himself


I’m sure this ended in marriage



This might be the most creative and actually interesting bio on Tinder



Girl with low self-esteem, perfect


27 years old, her younger sister is probably already married so clock is ticking. No time to waste


This should be the new norm in the Texas Tinder game


25? Bridge aged like a bag of milk in the August sun



Putting Eleanor in a corner. Also who names their kid Eleanor anymore?



People only seem to remember Mike Tyson for his lisp and face tat. People forget he bit a man’s ear clean off.



Have a gut feeling Amy was busy


Trial and error, only way to figure it out


This week’s HARD PASS



Not 100% sure this is exactly what Beth meant but great insight Dexter



18 – 3 = Waka Flocka needs to start checking IDs



Spot the lie


Not a girl you marry but definitely one you want to call



Sure Lucy just went gaga over this opener



Ceri I think you meant you’re a receptionist



Fellas, this is how you end up dead. Swipe left

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