Time Traveling with Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco has been off his rocker for years. The former bash brother seemingly injected all that hgh into his head and never his ass. Yesterday he started blasting off about Time Travel and how Aliens have been trying to teach us humans but our science isn’t catching up. Tweet by tweet I have have many questions. Let’s jump right on in.

1. Who is “we”? Why are you and this other part of “We” chosen to be the recipients of this knowledge?

2. How does the brain live without the body? Once there does the brain get a new body?

3. I mean cmon Jose, if we failed on animals why would we try this shit on ourselves? Btw who tried on these animals?

4. Who gave you these figures? How can the brain withstand 42,651lbs of pressure without the body?

5. Did the aliens tell you this?

If I was an alien I assuredly would go to Jose Conseco first with all knowledge because who the fuck is gonna believe his crazy ass? Then I’m gonna just sit and watch this mother fucker spew facts and laugh aboard my space craft while watching the twitter trolls pounce. Keep being you Jose.

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