Tyson Recalls 36,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets and I Have no Idea Why


Tyson announced Wednesday that they will be recalling 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets due to rubber contamination and it seems like a really pointless practice on their part.

Where I get lost in this whole story is why on earth Tyson would even bother with a recall. We’ve all seen the documentaries, we know exactly how gross and shitty the process is that goes into making Tyson nuggets. That hasn’t stopped anyone from throwing those below average nuggets into the oven when they’re way too high at night. I don’t know why they thought a little rubber contamination would change that.

I actually expect much worse in my chicken nuggets whenever I crack open new bag of Tyson. A little rubber ain’t shit. America has so much in-fighting and hatred these days. I really don’t think taking chicken nuggets away from everyone is the right move at such a fragile time in our society. Bring the people together Tyson and give us your rubber chicken.

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