The NFL Mysteriously Cancels Super Bowl Halftime Press Conference. Are We Being Fyre’d?



I’ve finally gotten around to watching the Fyre Festival documentary, so I know it’s just past the point where these jokes aren’t even funny anymore, but when I heard the NFL suddenly and strangely canceled a scheduled press conference with halftime performers Maroon 5, my head tilted to the side like a puppy’s when you use a high pitched voice. I think getting Fyre’d might catch on just as much as Punk’d too. An update to “when you see something online vs when you get it in the mail”.

What is really going on here? We have one of the biggest ref controversies of all time and Roger Goodell is nowhere to be found. Maybe he is busy planning the Super Bowl halftime show…organizing the press conference with the band…

But today the NFL released a statement saying the press conference was canceled. Before you say oh just a stupid press conference, it’s kind of a big deal:

The halftime show press conference has been a tradition for YEARS — Justin Timberlake held one last year, Gaga before that … Prince famously busted out his guitar and rocked out at his back in 2007. –

Is the reason as simple as the NFL is scared to ask questions about the halftime show? Roger Goodell just literally doesn’t know what to say if anyone even mentions Colin Kaepernick?

Or is something a little bigger going on here?

“Maroon 5 has been working hard on a Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show that will meet and exceed the standards of this event.”

“As it is about music, the artists will let their show do the talking as they prepare to take the stage this Sunday.”

What the fuck does that mean? That’s got Billy McFarland all over it. What did he text that yoga guy again? At least everyone will see your shining face!! That sounds just like him. “As it is about music….” like no this is about a performance we are expecting complicated set design, choreography, stunts and maybe a stray boob here and there. This is not at all about the music. This is Maroon 5 we’re talking about. Why can’t Adam Levine just come out and say listen someone HAD to do it, we were the only ones that won’t cause a complete uproar, let’s just listen to She Will Be Loved and enjoy some football??

Adam Levine to all of America

It got me wondering, what’s really going on with the NFL behind the scenes? The rule is always when your kid is quiet something bad is going on isn’t it? I wouldn’t know but things are too quiet. This is the Super Bowl and I feel like the NFL front office is more worried about Dave Portnoy than answering to any of its billions of loyal fans.

We are paying for a luxurious experience, expecting that we’re getting all the best stuff football has to offer and instead we’re laying in a FEMA tent listening to Maroon 5. It’s a complete ripoff.

They better figure it out in time, just as Billy would have wanted.




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