Confirmed: Penn State Football Will Go Winless Next Season


Time for me to sound like the old man yelling at a cloud but I mean come on my dude. You’re really going to get on twitter and complain about the weather because it’s a little too cold for you to get to class? You’re a center for Penn State, you’re supposed to be big time tough guy. Battle in the trenches, blood sweat and tears and all that nonsense. I can see the College Game Day signs already being made in @ Ohio State or MSU. Your face on the Cold Miser’s body.

It’s a same to see a team’s season end 7 months before it starts but here we are. No way Penn State football bounces back from this. If you can’t last 10 minutes fully clothed just walking to class, you have no shot going into Columbus the week of Thanksgiving barring some skin. If you are a season ticket holder, sell now while the value is still highish. We are looking at an 0-12 season for the Nittany Lions. Never see anyone from the wrestling team tweet this out…..just sayin’.

penn state

RIP Penn State football

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