CJ Anderson is living every man’s dream!

CJ Anderson is playing football in the NFL. CJ Anderson is playing football in the beautiful city of LA. CJ Anderson is about to play football in the Super Bowl.

All things that I think every single man would sign up for immediately.

But… That is not all. Now CJ Anderson has taken “the Dream” to a whole new level.

He played really well for the first 3 seasons of his career in Denver and then… GOT PAID. Earning over 9 mill from the Broncos.

Image – milehigh

After being cut he signed with Carolina, playing for a team that stunk this year. He was cut again and signed with the Raiders… An even worse team, but at least he was in Cali. He just wasn’t feeling it so he walked away from Gruden and the Raiders.

He decided “I’m hungry” and literally ate the state of California. He ate sushi at Nobu and hit every buffet up and down the coast, not givin a fuuuuuuck.

Then gets a call from the Rams… “you uhh wanna come play football for a good team?”

Now “Fat CJ Anderson” proceeds to dominate the NFL. While Gurley was hurt he ran for 8 Million yards in 3 games. Then literally ran over and threw the Dallas Cowboys while eating a Cowboy Ribeye on the sideline.

Image – Chat Sports

“Fat CJ Anderson” ran so good that the possible league MVP in Gurley barely got on the field in the NFC Championship Game.

So what I’m saying is…

CJ Anderson made a lot of money from the Broncos. Left and went for a cup of coffee in Carolina (just enough time to party with and not hate CAAAAM.)

Image – riot report

Then went to the Black Hole, just to say he got to play for Gruden. Got to eat WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTED… Got fat as hell and is now running over the entire league and is playing in the Super Bowl…

Image – Giphy

And the best part is he knows it… And is flaunting it!

Image – @espn

I love food. I really like football. I enjoy Cali weather. I want to play in the Super Bowl….

…Welp I’ll just watch “Thick CJ Anderson” from my couch, stuffing my face with wings (apparently it’s good training) and wait for my call..

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – Fox Sports

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Charlie Red McDougall, Expert Sports Handicapper

God job of Perseverance. CJ was at home tow months ago and now is featured with Todd Gurley, he was also instrumental in the Broncs Super Bowl win over Carolina, I think it was 2016.