The Rams Defense is Already Shaking in the Presence of Brady


Week one of the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl brought about all sorts of takes from analysts and players alike still doubting the Patriots. Granted those takes have considerably reduced now that the media is becoming afraid of Tom Brady, but that didn’t stop the Rams from talking a little shit.

Robey-Coleman came at the throne from the comforts of LA, but as soon as he was in the same state as Tom he was quick to retract his ignorant mindset of playing the Patriots.

Brady is known to put the fear of God in defenses, but it’s not every year that it happens so quickly. Usually the defense takes media day and a little more time to jazz themselves up and try and convince themselves they have a chance.

This year however, we have Robey-Coleman cowering to Brady day one and, I’m not positive, but I think Talib may be playing for the Pats in the Super Bowl. There’s a real glee in his eyes whenever Tom Brady is around.

I’ve watched enough Rom-Coms to know when estranged lovers are talking for the first time in a while. There’s an easy connection between them that is undeniable. I’d take Talib back in a heartbeat even though he’s guaranteed to miss any game the week after the Pats play any team Crabtree is on.

This season marked the start of Brady going full savage mode on everyone. The whole world knows he’s the GOAT at this point and he’s finally accepted it too. The great part about Tom though is acceptance of his own greatness doesn’t make him content. It some how makes him hungry to top his previous great moments. He finds ways to self-motivate and not only carry the GOAT status with finesse and grace, but back it up every week.

Sunday he will do it again, and it seems like the Rams defense already knows their fate. It should make their downfall much easier to swallow.

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