The Only Clips From Super Bowl Media Day Worth Watching

Media Day before the Super Bowl is always one of the best days of the year. It’s the only time you get to see Bill Belichick kind of enjoy himself, and Gronk is always good for at least 3 viral videos. Media Day let’s Gronk be a little more himself and you can tell he’s had some practice at this. He’s like a trained German Shephard at this point and all the reporters are dangling beggin bits in his face trying to get him to crack.

Gronk auditioning for Magic Mike on Broadway:

This college kid comes the closest to getting Gronk to crack:

Another angle:

The definition of putting your brain in a pretzel:

Everyone was being super secretive. The Rams should be sweatin:

Devin McCourty didn’t say exactly say his percent chance of retirement was ZERO:

Everyone is talking about Edelman’s beard:

They literally seemed to only be playing Welcome to Atlanta, just like everyone expected:

Aqib Talib is rooting for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl:

A message was sent to Ndamukong Suh from Patriots Nation:

We finally found out how old Sean McVay is:

Bill Belichick may not do Snapface or Facegram but his text game is confirmed “nice”:

Somebody recognized CJ Anderson just walking around:

Nickell Roby Coleman cried “out of context” even though they were direct quotes perfectly in context:

And as always, Tom Brady responds to the haters:




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