Nothing Like The Old Best Friend Bangs Your Boyfriend “Prank”

Girl comes home and finds her best friend half naked on her boyfriend’s air mattress and the boyfriend hiding in the bathroom. LOLOLOL got eeemmmmm

A lot here needs to be said. First and foremost, why is there no real furniture in this apartment? Literally everything is on the floor. That tells me a few things, 1 this might be fake and 2 this couple is actually doomed. Ladies if you date a guy that finds it acceptable to sleep on an air mattress with a tv just sitting on the ground, he will eventually cheat on you. Why, because he clearly doesn’t good decisions.

Which brings me to point number two. In what world was this thought as a good idea? Let’s run through the likely out comes of this scenario:

  1. There is what happened. She comes home, freaks the fuck out and is emotionally damaged. Like you can’t just come out of the bathroom like it’s a “prank haha” and think she’s just going to laugh it off. You have now put in her head the image of you two banging. That will forever be there and thrown in your face every time you do anything wrong. “Well remember that time where you pretended to have sex with my best friend? Did you really? ANSWER ME!!!!”
  2. The scenario that would have happened if this took place in New Jersey. The girlfriend MURDERS her friend. Right then and there, chokes her friend to death before her dopey boyfriend can stop her.
  3. The last scenario, she gets heated and tells him she banged his brother. A funny little prank ends up destroying his entire life. Great job Keith (I assume)

End of the day, don’t do this. Unless of course you did cheat on her with her best friend. Great get out of jail free card. “Honey no I didn’t sleep with your best friend. You see I put my phone over her its….uhh….prank. Yeah a prank. Now let’s all sit back and have a little laugh.”

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