Mike Francesa’s Brady Take is the Latest Example of Why he Should’ve Stayed Retired


As a Boston guy I rarely hear or see what goes on around New York media. I don’t know where the radio stations stand on teams and players and I never know what the paper headlines are. However, Mike Francesa is a “legend” of the broadcasting game and if a clip from New York media does cross my Twitter feed its usually his lunatic rantings.

Now I don’t know if it’s old age that made Mike like this. I hope it is. I like to think he didn’t climb to the pinnacle of New York sports radio with the dog shit takes he throws out there now. Regardless of how his rise to fame came about, it’s clear he was right to hang up the mic a year ago. His mistake was coming back a few months later with constant preposterous takes like his recent one on Brady.

At this point takes like these are so ridiculous they get ignored. My problem with Francesa is he has the ears of New York. Who the fuck let that happen? If this is your honest to god opinion you should not be in the business of talking about sports. The argument, the take and the way his own callers are able to easily refute his standpoint are all traits in someone that shouldn’t be around a mic talking sports.

I’m a fair man. I’ll compromise, if there is a way to have Francesa never speak on sports outside of New York then that’s fine with me. New York seems to enjoy having that crazy uncle talk about how good the old athletes were when they were cranking cigs at halftime so that’s cool. Just keep Tom Brady out of your mouth if you’re not going to admire the greatness in front of you.

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