So I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise two weeks ago with my wife and family. It was my first time on a cruise, and besides my shark bit incident… We had a lovely time.

When we got back I saw a video of this crazy kid jumping off a ship similar to ours..

I immediately said to myself… What the fuck.

Was it funny? Of course it was. But now the kid AND his friends are banned from cruising on Royal Caribbean ever again. And…

Inside EditionIn a statement, Royal Caribbean called Naydev’s behavior “stupid and reckless.”

“We are exploring legal action,” the cruise line added.”

First they were left in the Bahamas, now they can never cruise again AND could be sued. See kids… It’s not always smart to just “send it” so you can “go viral.”

I think the kid is an idiot. However… He is already kicked off the ship to find his own way home. He has already been banned from cruising and has his picture plastered on every ship like an old Western wanted ad.

He must stand by his jump, he can’t backtrack now.

“I hope I don’t inspire anybody to do this because it is very dangerous,” he said. “I mean, don’t think this is a joke.” -Naydev said.

Nope. You have to stand by what you did because now you just look like a bigger idiot.

So lesson of the day kids.

1. It’s ok to use that thing between your ears and actually “think” before actin a fool (as us old people would say.)

2. If you are on a cruise drink your face off but stay on the god damn ship.

3. If you do decide to be an ass and jump ship… NEVER BACK DOWN!

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – abc news

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