Apple is Ruining Friendships With New FaceTime Glitch


In 2019 I think it’s fair to say we all know we are being watched every second of every day. The Dunkin Donut ads I get the second after internally considering going to get a coffee should be a good indicator that we have zero privacy. A lot of that is due to the iPhone, but having the company and the government listening to you is a lot different than your friends.

With this new FaceTime glitch you can now hear what the other person is saying without them picking up.

This has made the iPhone into one of the Nextel walkie talkie type things that made no sense in their own time. Seriously Nextel, why the fuck would I want whatever someone is saying to me played out loud from a clip on my belt? It was an absurd idea.

But this Apple glitch is much worse. There are few times as irritating as getting an unwanted phone call or FaceTime and what you say in that moment about the person calling needs to be kept under wraps. I’m sure there’s FaceTimes I’ve gotten recently from people that I will never hear from again because I immediately called them a fucking asshole for inconveniencing me when I saw the phone ringing and they could hear me.

I was pro FaceTime for a long time, but unless you want to end some friendships, I’d consider dropping the FaceTime app from your phone. Of course this probably doesn’t apply to everyone. I guess if you’re not an asshole you should be fine.

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