Who Should Eagles Fans Root For In The Super Bowl?

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  As an Eagles fan who do I want to see win the Super Bowl?  It’s a tougher question than I expected because most people across the country just don’t want to see the Patriots win, and I get that.  Who cares about letting the Rams win, it’s not like the Eagles have some big Rams rivalry, I don’t even remember the last time the Rams beat the Eagles.  However, would a Rams win hurt the Eagles win?  No, not really winning a Superbowl can never be tarnished.  Let’s take a look at all of the options and break it down.


The Rams winning means the Patriots lost.  Simply enough I guess that’s nice to say and people always love to see that, but what about the love affair with Sean McVay?  I see tweets all day everyday about how Sean McVay in his second year as Rams head coach has taken a bad team to a Super Bowl and how its impossible to do that! No coach ever does that!

I like McVay I think he’s great but the disrespect Doug gets is astonishing, Super Bowl in his second year with a back up QB, back up middle linebacker, back up left tackle and nobody even mentions his name.  Now I don’t care much about Doug getting his dick sucked but he damn sure deserves credit and because Sean McVay is young, Doug get’s none.  Yeah it pisses me off, but I digress.  The main point about the bad side of the Rams winning, more McVay dick sucking.  Little sidenote to that, people will try to ruin Brady’s legacy by screaming 5-4 in Superbowls and it’s ridiculous but I am here to watch those twitter fights.

The second part of this is would it hurt the Eagles Superbowl at all?  No, I said before it would not but think about something really quickly.  In the last 5 Superbowls the Patriots have been to four.   They currently are 2-1 with the fourth game being played this Sunday.  If they win they will be 3-1 in four of the last five Superbowls.  The Philadelphia Eagles will be the reason for that 1.  The Eagles will be the skid mark on the underpants of the great New England dynasty.  The Rams winning makes them 2-2 and takes a little bit away from that feeling.  Makes you think.


There’s not much to this one.  It just comes down to, do you feel like hearing Pats fans talk about 6 rings.  Cowboys fans sure don’t, Steelers fans don’t, I know we don’t but we it wont hurt as bad because we beat them last year.  Sill will be tough to listen too.  Do you want to listen to Dave Portnoy run his mouth for the next 12 months?  I don’t.  It all goes back to the point I made about the Rams winning, do you want to see the Pats at 3-1 in the last five years with us being that one?  Or do you just want to see them lose?  It’s a tough question.

Let’s make a decision and stand by it.  It comes down to two things.  Non stop McVay dick sucking causing further disrespect of what Doug accomplished but the Patriots lose vs The Pats are 3-1 in the last 5 Superbowls and we are that one but the Pats win.

Folks the decision is easy here.

“Fuck Em” -Jason Kelce

Fuck em all.

Go Birds.

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January 28, 2019 2:56 pm

You always know what to say dad

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