Mugshot Monday: Billy Mcfarland

Welcome back to another edition of the segment sweeping the nation…

Mugshot Monday!

With the Fyre Festival Netflix Documentary taking over the world there was no other person to feature than one of the world’s biggest assholes:

Billy Mcfarland. The owner of “Fyre.” If you don’t know the story of the Fyre Festival I suggest a Netflix and chill immediately.

I am not sure if Billy is a pathological liar or a genius. But I do know he has been sentenced to six years in jail. And not sure if he will last one!

But he does look like he’s been “bulking” to prepare of his time locked up..

Image – mytimesnow

Dude went from:

Image – BBC

Image – Daily Mail

To this, real quick…

Image – Vice

So many things are running through his head in that picture. That’s the face of someone that doesn’t stand a damn chance in jail!


He convinced a billion models to send out a stupid ass orange tile on social media so he could steal dumb rich kids money…

Now he has to try and convince big scary dudes in jail not to steal his……. 😮

Image – Business Insider

God Speed Billy.


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