Lucky Whitehead Arrested For DUI, Actually Lucky Whitehead This Time

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TMZ Sports: “NFL wide receiver Lucky Whitehead was arrested in Virginia — and this time, cops are CERTAIN they got the right guy. 

The former Dallas Cowboys player was pulled over around 2 AM on Dec. 23 after cops say he failed to obey a traffic signal. 

During the stop, cops suspected the 26-year-old had been drinking — and asked him to perform a breathalyzer test. Whitehead refused but cops say there was enough evidence to prove he was intoxicated so they arrested him for DUI. 

He was hauled to a nearby police station where he was booked for a bunch of charges including DUI, driving without a license and failure to use a seat belt. 

He’s due in court next month. 

Of course, Lucky was WRONGFULLY named as a suspect in a shoplifting case in Virginia in 2017 — when the real perpetrator lied to police and said he was the NFL player. The dude even gave cops Lucky’s date of birth and social security number. 

Despite the fact Lucky wasn’t even in Virginia at the time of the incident, the Cowboys cut him. He was later picked up by the NY Jets. 

Whitehead was cut by the Jets in 2018 and now he’s a free agent looking for a job.”


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Lucky has to deny everything here. You get got back in 2017 from some guy using your SSN and date of birth, I’m sure you know who it is by now. Just use that guy’s info. How do you like it you son of a bitch? Anyway, great to see former Cowboys in midseason form already. Chances Lucky ever gets signed again? +50000000000


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