Cowardly and Anonymous Warriors Player Calls Hayward a “Liability”


I would love to be able to treat everyone to a nice bashing of this cowardly Warriors player who is living in the shadows of a quote where he calls Gordon Hayward a liability on both sides of the court.

It would feel amazing to talk about how the Warriors need to mind their own business and not be talking shit about other players without showing their face. Unfortunately that would be unjust of me because I simply can’t figure out how to dispute this Warrior player’s claim.

Sure there are nights where Gordon Hayward looks like the Hayward of old and goes off for 20+ points and plays great defense. But there definitely are far more games where he’s non-existent. Whoever this weasel in the Warriors locker room is, he’s right, Gordon Hayward is not only not helping, he’s hurting the Celtics.

To be fair, what is Hayward supposed to do? Whether it be physically he’s not back or mentally, right now he’s simply not equip to play really good basketball game in and game out like he used to.

The problem is, what the fuck do the Celtics do with that information. You can’t just not play him ever and he already gets maintenance days here and there. Maybe he needs more of those. Maybe he needs to take a week or two to feel comfortable. It’s a guessing game for us as fans and my guess is it’s not much different behind closed doors. But at this point they need to try something because you can’t allow Hayward to be out there taking away minutes that he has simply not earned this season.

We’re almost into February and the clock is ticking on the trade deadline and the final stretch into the playoffs. They have to come up with a long term plan to the problem that is Hayward not being himself. If that means you field offers at the deadline then do it, if that means sitting him, then try it, but for the love of god do something Celtics because I don’t know how much more the team can take of him only being good for 1 out of every 5 games or so.

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