Chris Hogan Ends Bullying While On His Way To His 3rd Straight Super Bowl

Everyone knows it’s tough to be a young New England Patriots fan in this country. Facing all of the harsh social blowback and having to constantly defend the wall to your peers can be overwhelming, especially for young kids. As a young girl growing up in Rhode Island with the AIM screen name lakergirl848, I can relate.

8 year old Rory has watched his team go to the AFC Championship every single year of his life. It doesn’t say where Rory lives but apparently he is the only Patriots fan in his school. Elementary school is a microcosm of Twitter so his classmates were none too happy when he showed up in his Chris Hogan jersey the Friday before the AFC Championship game. Before the day was over, Rory had to take off his jersey because of the bullying.

Rory is a true Patriots fan so after staying up past his bedtime to watch the Pats beat the Chiefs to go to their 3rd straight Super Bowl, he marched right back into school the next morning wearing the same outfit as the day before, his Chris Hogan jersey. And these kids can’t do anything about it. There’s nothing they can say to ruin this kid; after all he’s a Patriots fan.

When Chris Hogan got wind of this story, he made sure to make time out of his day preparing for his 3rd straight Super Bowl appearance to help a fan in need.

There you have it folks, bullying is over.



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