Bruins Announce Tuukka to the IR Amongst Other Head Scratching Moves


After Tuukka went down in a brutal collision prior to the NHL All-Star break it unfortunately comes as no surprise that he will be heading to the IR. Luckily it is retroactive all the way back to January 19th. It doesn’t seem to be a long term concern.

What really came as a surprise however was the ridiculously head scratching moves that the Bruins tacked on to their transactions on Monday.

I really don’t understand Ryan Donato’s situation. I get that he hasn’t been stellar in his own end. Scratch that. I’ll even say he’s been down right shitty in the Bruins’ end of the ice. That still doesn’t seem like enough reason to not have him out there most nights in the NHL. He keeps getting sent down and he rips it up in the American League every time. If this was Claude Julien’s team I’d get it, but this is the Bruce Cassidy era. He’s given every young guy that’s walked into the NHL locker room ample chance to get acclimated and try to flourish. Why is he so back and forth when it comes to Donato?

What does burying him in the AHL do for him? With the Bruins he can be next to guys like Bergeron and Backes to help him improve in his own end. They should have him attached to Krecji’s hip on the ice and get them into a real groove. They’ve been looking around for production out of our bottom three lines, getting Donato comfortable with someone, preferably a vet, is the way to drag the production out of him. He can be a valued piece of a playoff roster why not have him completely in the loop now?

I will say, swapping JFK and Cehlarik is a nice move. JFK has been virtually non existent and Cehlarik has shown out in his few appearance in the show and all year down in the AHL.

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Feature Image via Boston Globe

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