Anthony Davis to the Celtics is Quickly Disappearing as a Possibility

Every sports team has their guy that they flirt and do a dance with waiting for the opportunity to add them to the roster. For the Celtics that man is Anthony Davis. Fans and the team have expressed interest in Davis for several years and now he is finally ready to separate from the Pelicans.

Now here in lies the dilemma and the reason that Davis will not be a Celtic or at least not now. The Rose Rule.

Listen, Anthony Davis is better than Kyrie no one will argue the other way. But trading Kyrie for Davis really defeats the purpose of the trade. The problem is it won’t be a straight up deal. Both players are on a Rose Rule deal and you can’t have 2 of them on the roster. Considering the rule, the Celtics would need to trade away Kyrie, another rostered player then picks to go along with them, with no real guarantee that Davis would be here long term.

On top of the limitations the Celtics have, there’s long time rivals, the Lakers, that are kicking down New Orleans door for a deal.

That’s a heavy price, but if someone were to make a rash move like this it would be Magic and LeBron. If LeBron wants a guy, he will get that guy. He seems to want Davis so he will have him.

The only prayer the Celtics have at Davis is in free agency, which if the above Lakers deal is any indication, that may be for the best when it comes to the Celtics roster. The Davis sweepstake will be a fun one, but don’t expect to hear the Celtics in the mix until the Summer.

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