Akiem Hicks’ FB Live Takes A Turn When A Bears Fan Roasts Parkey

Might be the most compelling moment to come out of Pro Bowl weekend. The NFL needs to do something with the Pro Bowl to make it interesting again and I think this kid is on to something. Let each city pick a fan to go to the Pro Bowl and interview players live on FB and Twitter.

Look Hicks right in the face and ask the questions we really want answered. “Did you all plan to murder Cody after the Eagles game?”

Or the Philly rep to Lane Johnson “So the big dick Nick thing….how big we talking?”

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in sports every year and the media day is just a big joke. Why are we not turning the Pro Bowl into just the wild west. Anything goes.

Ps. Bears will not win a Super Bowl next year. Kid is an idiot

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