Will the real “Dee Ford” please stand up?

They say Philadelphia fans are the worst in the world, and as a Philly fan myself I OBVIOUSLY disagree. However, even if we are “the worst”….we are certainly not the dumbest. NOPE.

That award will go to Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Dee Ford, from Kent, shares the same name as the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker who gave away a penalty after being caught offside in the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game against the Patriots.

Dee Ford, the innocent 47 year old English woman from Gillingham, Kent, woke up to hundreds of Twitter messages and notifications on Monday morning, with tons of Kansas City Chiefs fans blaming her for the ending of their football season. One person even went as far as accusing the Chiefs Dee Ford as posing as the English woman on Twitter. Whattttt?

First of all-Lenny McDinners needs a McXanax.

Anyway, because her and the veteran Chiefs linebacker also named Dee Ford share the same name, fans just assumed this was his account?? Even though there is literally a picture of an innocent, sweet looking woman as her profile picture along with less than 1,500 followers. Hello?? It is quite possible for two people in the entire world to be named Dee Ford. Just sayin. This actually isn’t the first time this has happened to “the Dee’s” though. Five years ago when the player was still at Auburn, someone tweeted the wrong Dee Ford again congratulating him (her) on being named MVP. The woman Dee from Kent decided to learn the game of football and even spoke to the real Dee Ford on the phone and attended the Chiefs game when they played in London.

Her twitter bio now reads “Note! I am not the Auburn/Kansas City Chiefs footballer….I’m a boring surveyor from Kent.” She then proceeds to say that she has been accepted into the Auburn/War Eagle family. This actually makes me really appreciate this woman and her sense of humor considering the shit she had to read when she woke up on Monday.


Now, rather than this woman who literally was sleeping when all this was going down get annoyed and pissed off at the no filtered, messed up comments and messages…she makes a joke out of it, uses witty sarcasm and completely wins the Internet. I’m so impressed. I actually want to be friends with THIS Dee Ford.

Lady Dee Ford, all I’m gonna say to end this article is, you are now my hero and I love your attitude. Chiefs Dee Ford, you better send this woman a shit ton of merchandise and football tickets and fly her to the United States for a damn vacation. I’m out!

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