Tom “The Luckiest of All Time” Brady is Living Like a King in Rob Parker’s Head

Rob Parker has found himself in just about the worst place an analyst can be in. He’s not only in the crosshairs of the Patriots after bashing Tom Brady throughout the playoffs, but also in line of fire of Patriots nation because of it.

He’s not the first person to ever think he can speak ill of Tom and that’s why he’s in a rough spot. Max Kellerman has emerged as the leader of brick-headed bozos that won’t bend the knee to the Patriots which leaves Parker looking like a pathetic follower that’s rolling with a schtick that has yet to work for anyone ever.

Rob really started to fuck up when he had this horrible take on Tom and the Pats prior to the AFC Championship game that got him featured on the latest Patriots revenge video.

This week Rob Parker returned to the scene of the crime on Colin Cowherd’s show and like he, and all the other Patriot doubters, cowered when faced with the reality of being incredibly wrong.

Honestly, Parker is right that Brady is the luckiest of all time. You know why, Rob? It’s because he’s given himself opportunity after opportunity to be able to be lucky. You know who’s not lucky? Quarterbacks, players and coaches that don’t put themselves in a spot to be both lucky and great.

I didn’t know all you had to be was lucky to have a 50% appearance rate in the Super Bowl over an 18 year career. If Tom Brady is all luck and no talent then he must be a fucking witch because no one has ever been this great at anything in history on pure luck. This is unprecedented success unless you count Bill Russel bullying little white guys in the 60’s. No one has ever been as great, lucky, intelligent, confident and lethal all at once the same way Brady has been his whole career.

Parker should be lucky to still cover the NFL if he’s this blind to greatness. It’s pathetic and I can’t wait for Patriot Nation run him into a safe spot after Tom takes home his sixth ring.

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