The Greatest Twitter Thread Twitter Has Ever Seen Exposing Weirdos Cretins And Degenerates Part 2…

Nick Ru

Around a month ago I shared the funniest Tik Tok video thread I have ever seen on the internet.  I am happy to report, the videos are back and there is a whole new gang of degenerate Tik Tokers ready to be watched.  Let’s get into it..

Country people are really on a different level

She does look like the Target Paris Hilton

This is just funny.

Also funny.

Was this bitch about to eat a Tide Pod?

Retirement is treating Marcellus Bennett well

If you had a dollar for every tooth she has, you’d have 3 of 5 dollars

This girl fights guys at bars

This is talent

What an actress

Love the nose ring

Get a mustache bro

Adam Sandler hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha

Who took this the bed bugs?

This classroom put the blackboard up the wrong way

In 2018 I would have said fall off the counter and on your head but I’m nicer in 2019 so I wont say that

She smokes?

North Side Chicago Harley Quinn

I can’t beat the original caption

Why have a combover

Do not fuck with her

This man will fuck your girl and not even care

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