Football Friday: What to do with No Football Sunday!

Ladies and gentlemen don’t panic… But we are quickly heading for that awful time of the year. The time when it is not only cold but grey. The time of year where out of no where you may break out in tears and don’t know why.

The time of year… Where there is no football.

February is the Monday of the year. It’s the month that everyone just wants to punch in the face. After the Super Bowl the only good thing about February is that it’s only 28 days.

That being said this weekend is our “prep-weekend” to try and get us prepared for no football hibernation. It is the first Sunday without the glorious game we call football since August.

What the hell are we supposed to do all day to try and forget we have work on Monday? What, are we supposed to do the list of chores the wife has for us? Ha.Ha.Ha.

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So here are five things you can do on Sunday to try and help ease the void of no football.

5. Go to the gym.

Don’t kill me here, listen. I am a gym rat, I know not everyone is. Sunday is usually my rest day during football season but with no football why the hell not go get a pump going? Football season may be over but beach season is coming. And hey… It’s an excuse to eat like shit the rest of the day right?

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4. Talk to your significant other.

Lets face it, it’s been months since you have listened to a thing your girlfriend or wife has said. Any conversation you have had while she’s talking your brain was thinking… “who should I start in my flex?” “Patrick Mahomes is so dreamy” “I think I could play wideout for the Patriots” Well guys it’s her time now. Have a real conversation with her that doesn’t involve breakdown of the Dime Defense.

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3. Binge watch the Office

This is just always the answer for any time you have free time. Period.

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2. “Sunday Funday”

How many times have you been invited to a brunch or a Sunday Funday only to ask… “Will they have Red Zone on?” When the answer was no you said you couldn’t make it. Now you can make it! Go get drunk and stuff your face with breakfast/Lunch food. Don’t let Monday ruin your Sunday and go get after it!

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1. Do your taxes.

HAHAHA GOT YA! Just kidding it’s way to early for that shit.

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Real 1. Go Couch Shopping

Your poor couch has taken a beating over the last 6 months. You know you have that special spot that your ass fits in just perfectly after every Sunday of watching football. Well actually.. Every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (and if you are a degenerate, Wednesday night MAC-TION) The couch is on its last leg, literally it’s leaning to one side. Let him free and go draft a new young couch that will be ready to go for training camp.

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But whatever you do… Don’t watch the Pro Bowl. That shit ain’t football.

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Good luck, Godspeed and stay strong this Sunday everyone.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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